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About Me

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Hey, so you have arrived.


Since you are here, you probably know who I am, and in case you don’t, here’s a tidbit of info about me.

I am Shafique, an engineer by chance; an MBA and a writer by choice.

I grew up in a small town as a relatively shy kid who changed colors during adolescence. Picked up frequent fights when in school, learned from them to rarely get involved in nuisance during college.

In college got introduced to her by a faculty. She seemed intriguing at the very first sight of cognizance. The initial spark caused a wildfire that spread quickly, and she became my de-facto career choice – marketing.

Have found true love in Royal Enfield and Mumbai. Pretty darn sure of trueness but not sure of the longevity of it.

I am a strong believer of phases in life. Phases where one theme overpowers all others; like a phase of love, of infatuation, responsibility, worldliness, money-mindedness etcetera.

I should stop. I am giving away so much about myself here, and I only promised tidbits.

Anyways, there’s more of me in the words I write. So, keep reading.

And as always, thanks for reading.