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The Upside To Unplanned Trips — Chikmagalur Oct 2017

The first week of October 2017, we set out on an unplanned, spontaneous bike trip to Chikmagalur. It was the two of us; me and my colleague on our Royal Enfields. He has got Thunderbird 350, and I have Bullet Classic 350.

The trip was so unplanned that we did not even book hotels in advance. A night before, we tried to make reservations but in vain. All the hotels listed online were booked courtesy of the high demands during the 4-day long weekend. We decided to go hoping to find an empty room when we reach there.

We left at 11 AM on Friday. The night before we were working till late, hence chose to get adequate sleep before we set on the road. We started from Koramangala to reach Yashwantpur in about an hour. Just after the Yashwantpur railway station, we turned left to be on the highway.

NH-75 is a four-lane highway with good roads and occasional potholes. The weather was overcast; the sun played hide and seek all throughout the route. Our route:

Bangalore →Yashwantpur → Kunigal →Yadiyur →Channarayapattana →Hassan → Chikmagalur

We took a pitstop for lunch and cooling down the heated bike engines, at Hassan. It is a small town; there are not enough options to eat. The food was extremely economical. For 195/- bucks we ate a stomach full, mouth-watering, country-side veg meal.

We reached Chikmagalur at 6:30 PM. Google searched for hotels in Chikmagalur, called a couple of hotels to check for room availability and went there. There’s a whole lane that starts with the bus stand and a number of hotels on either side.

We were damn tired after riding for 6 hours. Washed up, took some rest and went out for having dinner. Day 0 was behind us.

On the way to Chikmagalur

The next day we headed out to ride on the beautiful, curvy roads on the Chikmagalur hills. We planned to trek on the Mullayanagiri hill. But there was a horrible traffic jam. Upon hearing from the traffic cop, we decided to change the plan and go to the Hebbe waterfalls. On the way to waterfall, it rained heavily for about an hour.

When it rained heavily
By the time we reached to Hebbe Falls, at about 3 PM. We saw tourists returning from the route disappointed that they could only see the waterfall from a distance as it was all flooded due to rains. We decided to turn back as the two kms stretch to Hebbe falls had no roads, only potholes with muddy puddle.

With a streak of hard luck looming over the things we wanted to do, we let go and instead focused on riding through the hills. It is all about the journey and not the destination. On our way, we did get to see incredible sights. Some mini-waterfalls, the lush green fields, the rock embellished hills, the blind turns, the adrenaline pumping downhill ride and many more small little things.

Riding through the hills
We also got to eat some mouth-watering local delicacies— fish cooked in Mangalorean style, amazing chicken kebabs and biryani cooked by local-recipe.

On our last day, we checked-out at 11 AM and started towards Bangalore. It was the hardest ride for me. It rained like crazy for about 70% of the time on the road. It wasn’t just drizzling but heavy rains most of the time. Even when we entered the city boundaries, it was already raining.

Summing it up — perks of unplanned trips

    — Since you don’t have much expectations set around things you would do, the experience is far more rewarding.

    — You get to be in the zone of “that’s exciting, let’s do it.”

    — There’s a thrill attached to not knowing what’s next.

To more such trips…

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