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May our plans for life do not take backseat in times of adversity

He was a faculty in my UG alma mater . I also took tuitions from him thrice during the eight semester engineering and in term breaks we played badminton together.

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About 2 years back, fate played its trick, misfortune struck its blow and this faculty whom I called BHAIYA was diagnosed of brain tumor. A series of operations have rendered him not so active. His skull is now distorted, has lost its natural form. I would not describe it further. Although when I met him, I didn’t feel pity. I acknowledge the pain his loved ones have gone through taking all the sympathies from anybody and everybody. It is challenging, nobody plans for such events but we have to deal with it anyways.

During our small meet he talked in the same manner he used to, his demeanor had changed but not his attitude. Some things are inherent we never can change enough to change them. He told he had resumed teaching again for a three month period beginning last January. The ordeal ended with him getting diagnosed with some disease followed by one month hospitalization. After such operations the immune system becomes vulnerable.

Life is anything but fair. Take what it gives you with a smile and return its favor with courage. That is the only good we can do. In him I saw an example.

The only thing I said to myself when I put foot outside the door of his house was “May our plans for life do not take backseat even in times of adversity”. For that moment, I appreciated the heroics of his and his family. Respect!

Yours Truly 

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