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Pataakha – Movie Review

Vishal Bharadwaj creates yet another raw, rustic, and real to the desi hinterland movie in Pataakha. It is a story of two sisters who hate each other to the core. Their hatred is rooted in childhood. The father, played by the talented Vijay Raaz, tries his very best to mend their behavior, but there’s no stopping the two arch enemies. The father is forced to marry one of his daughters to a widower in exchange for monetary assistance to sustain his mining business. While the plot unfolds after the two sisters get married, the supporting character Dipper, played by the quintessential Sunil Grover, picks the story up every time it starts to get a little dud.

The two sisters, Champa, and Genda Kumari played by Radhika Madan and Saniya Malhotra, shine with their performances. They both have good company in Sunil Grover, making the trio the lifeline of the film.

Honestly, if you’ve watched the trailer, you can easily guess the next twist, the next turn in the story. That kind of takes away the fun. However, the actors have done a fantastic job of showing you the ‘how’ when you already know the ‘what’.

Coming to the music, it is so good that you wouldn’t want to skip any songs during the playtime. I watched the movie on Amazon Prime, so I had the luxury to fast forward the song, but didn’t. There’s one sung by Arijit that’s in the background when the two sisters meet their lovers. Then there’s the one by Rekha Bharadwaj and Sunidhi Chauhan that’s a pre-wedding song, followed by the one sung by Sukhwinder at the end of the movie. That’s not all the songs though. These are the ones I remember.


4/5 stars for this one.

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